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Who we are

Growing Smart is an international agricultural project development firm that draws upon years of direct experience and industry knowledge to ensure its clients’ success. We are committed to enabling growers to grow their crops and their business, in the smartest possible way.


Growing Smart collaborates with clients from all realms of the agricultural industry, including farmers, investors, governments, agricultural technology and input companies, as well as farming corporations. Our holistic approach addresses every link within the value chain while keeping the goal of the entire project at the forefront. Growing Smart’s core team is comprised of experts in agronomy, finance and systems analysis.


Experts from niche sectors are recruited to address project-specific needs, thereby optimizing the team composition for each and every project. At Growing Smart, we work in partnership with our clients. We see our role as going beyond the installation phase, providing ongoing knowledge transfer and support throughout the entire lifecycle of the project

Who are we
What we do

What we do

Agriculture Projects

International agricultural project development and consultancy firm committed to enabling growers to grow their crops & business incentive, agriculture projects in Asia, Africa & Central Europe

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Precision Agriculture

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Our Precision Agriculture platform is capable of analyzing a matrix of data inputs gathered from a wide array of monitoring technologies, such as satellite imaging, UAVs, Mobile Autonomous Robotic Vehicles (SensIRover) and Multispectral Crop sensing.

PAC: Practical Agriculture Courses

Growing-Smart’s Practical Agriculture Course offers a comprehensive approach to teaching agricultural production. From one day seminars to 3 month custom-made courses, we share our knowledge and our vast experience in the overall agricultural sector.

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Contact Us

Contact us

Growing Smart 8 Sokolov St. Tel-Aviv, 6248408, Israel

1-805-5672530 |

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