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Precision Agriculture

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CropA is the first Precision Agriculture Platform capable of analyzing in real time, a  matrix of inputs gathered from open source information together with a wide array of monitoring technologies, such as satellite imaging, UAVs, Mobil Autonomous Robotic Vehicles (SensIRoverTM), Soil & Crop monitoring sensors, weather and economic reports and more.

The information is constantly blended into the CropA Platform Digital Data Analysis Processing Engine. This engine is constantly trained for perfection by a dedicated team of crop experts resulting in comprehensive, yet precise validated farming tasks for the farmers.

Agro Business Strategy 

Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

Growing Smart uses a variety of tools to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a proposed venture, the opportunities and threats provided by the environment, the resources to carry through, and the prospect a project has for success.

Financial Modeling

Growing Smart conducts financial modeling tailored to agricultural projects. We provide integrative models that account for the specific sensitivities, risks, opportunities, and the entire range of unique attributes that are specific to the field of agriculture.

Market Assessment

Growing Smart enables clients to make strategic market decisions, by combining our knowledge from years of experience in the field and through research. We know that custom solutions yield the greatest competitive advantage and return the highest value to our clients. We tailor our solutions to suit the needs of the project while considering the specific characteristics and constraints of the client’s location. We utilize our international experience to incorporate social and cultural ramifications.

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